TINY WILD HEARTS was born as an idea after the birth of our son in winter 2020.

Beautiful design in all areas (interior, architecture, fashion, etc.) has always made our hearts beat faster. Whether a salt shaker, bags or the perfect lamp, it is not only a hobby for us but above all a passion to search for and find good design.

With the birth of our son, the children's area has come to the fore and the search for beautiful, simple but at the same time practical things in good quality (!) could begin. However, the selection in the baby and children's area is very limited, at least if you have various ideas about colors, design and "usability".  The latter is inevitable in the baby and children's area which brought us to the idea of creating our own brand: TINY WILD HEARTS. Designed with love in Vienna.

We stand for products that not only meet the high demands of design-loving parents (like us), but are also practical (especially in the area of silicone tableware). Furthermore, it was important to us to focus on organic materials in the textile areas (blankets, muslin swaddles, beanies) in order to protect the sensitive skin of babies and children.

Our big goal is to bring more timeless and simple design into the baby and kids area and to delight many moms, dads, aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers for our products.


We are looking forward to this special journey together!